Door Pricing

Pet door pricing can often prevent a lot of pet owners from installing one in their homes or trying to install it themselves. We try to prevent this issue and make it as affordable as possible for you to provide the best for your pets.

See pricing below:
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Pet Door Size

Recommended Weight Range

Pet Door Flap Size

Door Price

Door + Install Price

Small Medium6 to 12 lbs.6.5″ x 9.5″$305$459
Medium12 to 30 lbs.8.5″ x 12.5″$376$519
Tall Medium30 to 45 lbs.8.5″ x 16″$428$559
Large45 to 60 lbs.11″ x 16″$479$609
Tall Large60 to 80 lbs.11″ x 19.5″$555$669
Tall Large Plus80 to 100 lbs.11″ x 23.5″$605$709
Extra Tall Large100 to 120 lbs.11″ x 27.5″$669$769
Extra Large120 to 140 lbs.14″ x 19.5″$587$709
Extra Large Plus140 to 160 lbs.14″ x 23.5″$687$809
Giant160 to 220 lbs.15″ x 27.5″$769$899