Frequently Asked Questions

The Hale pet door is an all-aluminum door including the tunnel that goes through the wall. The flaps are a high-grade vinyl twice as thick as other doors. The flaps as well as the frame have magnets built into them, so the flaps are held tightly in place. There is weather stripping between the flap and the frame to keep the bugs and the dirt out. Carpet is installed inside the tunnel. Customers have a choice of 5 trim colors on the door inside and out. The door has a locking, unbreakable security cover that goes in when the door is not in use. There is also a 5-year prorated warranty on the doors as well as the flaps.

It is always better to put your pet door through a wall as opposed to putting one through your door. The wall mount door is better insulated due to the flaps being further apart like a dual-pane window. The door through an exterior wall is more permanent and can be removed and patched up if the pet door is no longer needed. Doug always leaves the wall pieces with the customer in case the opening ever needs to be patched up.

The Hale brand pet doors use the highest quality parts and materials and have the best warranty available. Not to mention the availability of parts and the doors are made in the USA.

Affordable Pet Doors has installed thousands of pet doors through standard doors and all types of walls in many different areas of the house. Going into our 16th year of installing pet doors, there is not anything we have not seen as far as placement of pet doors.

Affordable Pet Doors has all 5-star reviews that we are VERY proud of.

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