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TV for Dogs?!

20 Dec 2013, Posted by APDAdmIN in Life, News, Uncategorized

Being a good pet owner means being attentive to all of your animal’s needs, and dogs, just like people, can have fairly complex emotional needs. Of course physical health is a priority,  but what about tending to your dog’s more abstract needs? How can you…


18 Nov 2013, Posted by APDAdmIN in Life, News

Three years ago, while serving his country, U.S. Marine Andrew Morales rescued two, part-Anatolian Shepherds from Afghanistan. The dogs, named Dusty and Wyatt, became part of Morales’s family in California, but recently the Marine was transferred to camp Lejeune, N.C., and his two pets’ fate…

Dogs’ Behavior Could Help Design Social Robots

18 Nov 2013, Posted by APDAdmIN in News

Designers of social robots, take note. Bring your dog to the lab next time you test a prototype, and watch how your pet interacts with it. You might just learn a thing or two that could help you fine-tune future designs. So says Gabriella Lakatos…

Adopt A Pet Month Winds Down: Tips For Adopting

18 Nov 2013, Posted by APDAdmIN in News

Have you been considering adopting a pet? Yearning for companionship and the comfort that comes with owning a pet, but not quite sure you have the time to devote to training a puppy or a dog? Maybe a cat or kitten is right for you….

Should a City Limit Households to Owning Only Three Dogs?

18 Nov 2013, Posted by APDAdmIN in News

The stereotype of the “crazy cat lady” who keeps scores of cats is so well-worn that it’s now little more than an offensive punchline. But in the city of Meridian, Mississippi, the authorities are more worried about people who own too many dogs. The City…